She’s swift, deft, painless (so they say) The word is out and her salon has standing room only Clients wax enthusiastic about this service.

Emma Potievski Sherby, the Russian Queen of the Brazilian wax, has become so popular that you probably know and may even be related to one of her clients. They are attorneys, teachers, students, sales reps, college presidents, waitresses, bank tellers, ballerinas and, as uncomfortable as the thought may be, all mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins and/or aunts to someone.   > Click Here To Read More

Wax on Wax off – the areas top waxers.

Best Bikini Whether you’re into thongs or boy cut bottoms, the last thing you want to worry about on the beach is stray bikini hairs. Head over to the International Salon, where Emma gives the best no frills, no small talk and no nonsense bikini wax in the city. With over 25 years experience , she will stretch your legs in every which way to ensure not one stray hair peeks out of your bikini.  And while you’re lying down in no undies no disposables Emma is impeccably dressed in a high fashion business suit. The experience alone is worth the visit, and her perfection will keep you coming back.

Allure directory of the best  2007

Philadelphia International Salon: Emma Sherby loyalists drive across state lines for her non-irritating waxes.

Allure directory of the best  2006

Philadelphia International Salon: Emma Sherby careful attention means there are no anemic looking brows here.

Best of Philly for eyebrows

Waxing will never be, well, comfortable, so it is best to find a master of the method to limit the pain. Long known as the swiftest ripper in town, International salon owner Emma Sherby uses chocolate wax for its soothing properties and all skin types formula. Says Sherby: “since I started doing this 35 years ago, waxing has remained one if the best hair removal services on the market.”