Waxing is a precise skill that takes an extremely experienced professional. Emma and Natasha are known for taking care of any type of body hair or body type. The process is no-nonsense, wax on wax off 5 to 7, minute procedure.

When done properly, the hairs are pulled out by root and after keeping up with an every 4-6 week regiment makes a majority of regrowth from not appearing. Those who do a full body waxing, have marvelous results where they have a no stubble clean, barely there hair, skin.

Waxing benefits:
– hair does not return
– no stubble
– dead skin exfoliation, resulting in beautiful skin

  • We use chocolate sensitive skin wax and ultra sensitive Aloe Green Wax.
  • We are vey carefull in making sure everything is very sterile and clean protecting the well being of of clients.